About Us

“Building Opportunities Through Interactions Focusing on Growth, Education & Communication” North Edmonton Business Association (NEBA) is a membership based organization looking to create opportunities for interactions and engagement between members, connections, communities and government.  

Upcoming events hosted by NEBA are posted on: our website: www.neba.ca, Facebook Page, Eventbrite and Meetup. Sign up for a membership or attend our event and let’s connect!
To connect with us:
Email: info@neba.ca
Contact: 780.905.5025 (Kim Nguyen, Executive Assistant) or 780.803.1678 (Loan Gowers, Executive Director)
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NEBA is a legally incorporated independent business association on October 16, 2014 in the Province of Alberta.   Our geographical area of focus is all areas North of the Yellowhead Trail (from West to East).  This incorporates these Municipal Wards: Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 4 and Ward 7.  
Our mission statement is to raise awareness of North Edmonton - North of Yellowhead Trail connecting businesses from North West to North East.
We do this by hosting functions and events to bring businesses, community and interested parties together – building opportunities through interactions.  
We also publish NEBA e-newsletter which comes out on the 1st and 15th of the every month.  To sign for our e-newsletter today: http://neba.ca/form.php?form_id=13&c=1
As a membership based association, we are pleased to work with Sponsors and Members from all areas of Edmonton and surrounding Regions and/or Municipalities. Consider a membership with NEBA or Sponsorship Opportunities for you and/or your business today. [ONLINE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION] or contact us today for more details. 

NEBA’s three primary goals are:

  • Growth,
  • Communication and
  • Education. 

Building Opportunities Through Interactions is possible through NEBA's activities: 

  • hosting networking events - breakfast mixers, after work business mixers, luncheons, and special events
  • proactively setting up monthly business introduction (starts 5 p.m) sessions where members present on their company products and/or services
  • host educational workshops providing information for business building, marketing and more
  • invite members to participate in one or more Mastermind Sessions when we run them

Our goal is to be the connector for entrepreneurs, professionals, or individuals who have an interest in doing business in geographical area of focus. We look forward to speaking with you or meeting you at an event.

We strongly believe that by working together with businesses, professionals, government and communities, we will contribute to  continually improving the profile of our geographical area and creating additional business opportunities in our growing and vibrant community.


Our organization consists of a diverse group of business professionals with a wide range of skills and expertise.  By sharing common goals we are able to increase the opportunity for each business in our community.
We are pleased to have received a Proclamation from Mayor Don Iveson declaring May 29 2015 as “NEBA Day” for our work in hosting the Gateway of Possibilities Expo at Edmonton Expo Center (Northlands Coliseum).

Signature Events:  Business and Community come together through these initiatives connecting businesses with their consumers and ability to support and participate in community efforts.

Annual Lunar New Year Celebration (2016 - Present) at Londonderry Mall
Our very first event was planned in 45 days and it was the first Lunar New Year Celebration Event in North Edmonton. 
We were pleased to have Mayor Iveson bring greetings, light the Firecrackers joined by 16 Elected Officials from City Councillors, Ministers & MLAs, Minister of Parliaments, Chair of EPSB and Trustee.  
Our second event in 2017 was mentioned in CTV News and Global News which raised profile of North Edmonton and our association. 
Multicultural Children's Fashion Show (Labour Day Weekend, 2016- Present) 
Celebrating cultural diversity and heritage as passed down to the younger generation.

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