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Monthly Commentary

Golf is what some of us look forward to during the summer months even as we monitor news affecting domestic and international space.   

We like to extend our congratulations to Mr. Derek Hudson on his appointment as the new President and CEO of EEDC (  We look forward to future developments, in particular, our focus on North Edmonton and Area region.

Have you taken the City of Edmonton Survey for METRO LRT - North West Edmonton? We have heard it, read it and experienced it - transportation affects all of us.   If you travel for business, visit or shop in North Edmonton or just being in the neighborhood - please take a moment and complete the survey.  Your input adds value to options being considered.  To take the survey which is available till August 17 - please click on link:  Love the photos and visuals provided in the survey to give you an idea of options being considered.   


Thank you to all the applicants who have submitted their application to apply for the Executive Director position with North Edmonton Business Association.  We received many resumes and some had cover letters attached providing more details as to why they should be considered for the role.   Our team will review all submissions and reach out to candidates for interviews.   We look forward to talking to you in the near future and discussing how you can help NEBA deliver our mission statement.  

As always, please reach out to us at if you have any specific questions or inquiries.   

From all of us at NEBA, hope you are having a wonderful summer enjoying some relaxing time with friends, family and connections. 

Loan Gowers, Executive Director & President | 780.803.1678 |





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North Edmonton - City Councillors (Ward 1-4 and Ward 7)






by: Councillor Andrew Knack (Ward 1) City's Industrial Area Review

Some Edmontonians would be surprised to know that there are parts of our city that are not serviced. This is a significant issue as that means there is no water, public transportation, sewage services, proper sidewalks, or paved roads in these neighbourhoods. An example of one of these areas is Winterburn, an industrial area in the west end of Edmonton. For quite some time I have heard concerns from business owners, in areas like Winterburn, about the impact not having proper services has on their employees, customers, and businesses. As a result, on July 11, 2018 I presented a motion to City Council to investigate this issue. The motion read as follows:

City's Industrial Area Review

That Administration provide a report to review the City’s unserviced and partially serviced industrial areas including:

  1. Providing an order of magnitude for estimated future growth in revenue for these areas.

  2. Identify and profile growth and market demand areas through indicators like employment and market growth that would inform priority setting for future infrastructure renewal or increased maintenance programs.

  3. The existing state of these industrial neighbourhoods from a level of service (rural/urban) and servicing levels requested/required.

  4. Current state of industrial right of way conditions and existing capital and operating programs to support industrial areas.

  5. Identify options for a City strategy to support investment in these industrial areas to support growth in businesses and retention/expansion of existing businesses in these areas.

This motion was passed unanimously by Edmonton’s City Council, and I look forward to seeing the report back from administration on October 16, 2018 to the Urban Planning Committee. This report aims to identify the short term and long term plans for industrial areas, like Winterburn, so that businesses can effectively plan their futures in these areas.

I have heard from countless business owners who contribute significant tax dollars to our City about this lack of service. Funding for these improvements will be discussed in Fall of 2018 during Council’s budget deliberations. I am committed to working with administration to make sure these business areas receive basic services, including water and roadways, moving forward. It is critical that we bring these areas up to a modern urban standard in order to best serve the employees, customers, and business owners in this area - as well as remain competitive with other jurisdictions. By increasing services in industrial areas, we will continue to support our city’s vibrant business community.


Andrew Knack
Edmonton City Councillor - Ward 1
2nd Floor, City Hall
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, AB  T5J 2R7

Phone: (780) 496-8122
Twitter: @AndrewKnack


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Sponsor Profile

We have had the pleasure of working with Jack Szeto at Good Buddy Restaurants since inception of NEBA in 2014.   It is due to their sponsorship and support that we are able to host, deliver and accomplish many things. 

Thank you for your sponsorship every year since 2014 - you've helped to create opportunties:

> Business Relationships and Deals between members and non members

> Business Introductions and Networking

> Events

> Luncheons

> Business Mixers - Breakfast and After Work

> Tradeshow

We tried out their app for Good Buddy and ordered food for delivery.  To our surpise, we got a call to review our order.  This gave us a chance to add more items to the order.  In speaking with their receptionist, it is something they are doing for every online order that comes in.  Impressive customer service and as always, we enjoy our food choices and had a great meal. 

We look forward to continuing to work with you for fiscal 2019 and thank you very much for your support and sponsorship.  It is with your support, involvement and sponsorship that helps NEBA to deliver our mission statement.  Thank you!

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